I am of the belief that the wedding photographer is there to “capture the event, not create the event”. You are there to enjoy each other, your family and guests, not “pose” all day!

Doing a combination of candid and posed photography “tells the love story” yet lets you soak in all the moments and feelings of your special day. Being in the right place at the right time and to be able to “anticipate that spontanious moment” is my talent and my reason for shooting weddings. I love doing this… I love watching a bride and groom look through their album and relive all those incredible moments as well as see all the things they didn’t catch the first time.

“The glance and smile from her father… the tear on his mother’s face… the Maid of Honor on the dance floor… literally!” Too many memories to experience in one afternoon yet captured for a lifetime in your wedding album. Memories very special to you and your family. I have been a photographer since ’83 and have been covering weddings since ’97 and I would love to capture your special day for YOU!

~ Ken